Project Owner FAQ

How To Create Project at Archibid

1. You must login first to use this feature
2. After you already logged in, go to the menu ‘Manage Profile’ on the right top of page
3. Find ‘Create Project’ Menu at menu tab
4. Describe your project to all your designer with simply, to the point and make it very easy to understand and easy to guide to your designer.
5. Please fill the form and follow the wizard.
6. Minimum price at archibid is $100 or IDR 1.000.000
7. You can invite designers as private s or public.
8. Then Submit your Project
9. Next step you must pay the project to publish your project
10. We receive online payment with paypal account and paypal credit card
11. After you already paid the payment, the project automatically published at archibid website
12. Done

How to eliminate designer from your project

1. Go to your project.
2. Click ‘Gallery’ button and then the page will scroll to user submission gallery.
3. Show the ‘Eliminate’ button by hover the image.
4. Click Eliminate button and the confirmation dialog will appear.
5. Click Eliminate button, click OK.
6. You already eliminated your designer.

How To Vote A Winner

1. After your project already expired an email notification sent to your email or message inbox.
2. The email contain link will take you to the project vote.
3. Taking vote at archbid is very easy, just drag and drop the picture in to the box with the numbers.
4. After you dropped the images in to the box, you can submit them
5. Congratulation, you already chosen the winner.

How to using File Manager

1. Since you already voted the winner, you will receive all images from your winner designer
2. Archibid will facilitate you (contest holder) and designer.
3. Archibid provide 2 way communications with chat facility
4. You can discuss with your winner designer anytime.
5. Designer will provide all links to download, so you can download the images within, both single image or zip file.


Designer FAQ

How to join the project

1. You must log in first as designer.
2. Go to menu Browse Project.
3. Click ‘Join Project’ button.
4. Once you accepted to the project, you can send your image submission to the project owner.
5. Your images preview placed at the bottom of project.
6. Send your best design to win the project.