About Archibid

About Archibid


ARCHIBID is one of the online architecture platform, established since 2018, as so it has been operating ever since. We create innovative designs to our project owners.

Our aspirations are to accomplish a simple condition, yet inexpensive, to execute all of the architecture designs, includes houses, offices, apartments, shops, cafés, interior designs, landscapes and other superior features.

This advance technique makes us become unusual than other traditional designers. With our online application, local designers and even international designers can compete and interact directly with the project members in demand of the architecture designs.

Our existence is being a liaison between the designers and the project owners. On the other hand, we facilitate/provide an online work space for the designers and to assist the project owners to discover a skillful/outstanding design. We ensure you that our designers have a reliable background, qualifications and trust worth testimonial.

Moreover, this platform gives you an actual information in the architecture world regarding

Various updates include concepts, project summaries and new products for your reference.